What is the cushion made of?
The shell is made from a luxurious and highly durable polyurethane fabric. It is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and water-resistant. The fill is comprised of organic, hypoallergenic buckwheat hull, sustainably sourced from Upstate New York. The inner top layer is made of gel-infused memory foam for added comfort.
Why is the cushion more expensive than others on the market?

Walden cushions are made by expert craftspeople in NYC and are constructed with premium state-of-the-art materials. Our cushions provide a superior experience and are built to last. We have a lifetime warranty. 

Why do I need a cushion to meditate?
Meditation can be practiced while seated, standing, walking, or even lying down. However, if you are starting a formal meditation practice, seated meditation on a cushion will help you relax and keep the body still while maintaining a state of alertness. Using a floor cushion during meditation helps to raise the hips allowing for a more stable and balanced posture and a more comfortable seat.
How heavy is the cushion?
The cushion weighs 8lbs (128 oz). The mat weighs 4lbs (64oz).
Can my legs fit on the mat? Why is it designed like that?

The mat is designed to provide additional comfort with a minimal footprint. Everybody is different. Using our mat length-way forward will help ease pressure on the ankles for cross-legged postures. For seated postures that require support for the knees, the mat can be placed in front of the cushion and oriented width-parallel to the body.

Why do you exist?
You exist because you are an expression of the universe. We exist because we want to help you become the most complete version of you. We believe starting a meditation practice is like planting a sapling; in order for that sapling to grow into a fruit bearing tree that can support itself, it requires care, attention, and nourishment. Navigating the world is tough – and our loud, fast paced culture doesn’t make it any easier. Walden was created as a way for us to make tools that support you and your mind. Meditation can work for you, and it helps to have have comfortable, beautiful meditation aids to encourage the practice. With practice, saplings turn into sequoias.
Who is behind Walden?
Walden was created by a group of friends in New York City. We love to make things, we love colors, and we love being together. Say hi, love@walden.us
Can I place wholesale orders?
Absolutely. We support studios and group purchases, as well as wholesale purchases for retail. For wholesale inquiries or studio orders, please contact eddie@walden.us
Do you do custom work for studios?
If you’re interested in custom or co-branded sets, please contact eddie@walden.us
What is the history of the zabuton?
Zabutons came into wide use during the Edo Period in Japan. They are cushioned mats that are knelt on or used in conjunction with a zafu – meaning sewn-seat or reedmace (type of fiber) seat – for extended periods of Zen Buddhist seated meditation, known as Zazen. Drawing from the traditional zafu and zabuton, incorporating modern materials and construction we have created cushions and mats that provide unparalleled comfort and support for your meditation practice.
What is the cushion filled with?
The cushion is filled with hypoallergenic, organic buckwheat hull – sustainably sourced from Upstate New York. On the inner top layer, we use gel-infused memory foam.
How can I sit without back support?
Generally speaking it is beneficial to keep the spine and neck erect while meditating. For most people, it is helpful to have your hips above your knees and to tuck your sacrum forward. Sometimes this can be difficult, but with continued practice, posture, and equanimity (mental composure) sitting straight for longer periods gets easier and easier. For some it may be difficult to sit for longer periods on a cushion without back support, and that’s okay. Some prefer to use their cushion against a wall or the side of a bed. Depending on the duration of your sit and your body type, you may want to experiment with different postures – such as cross-legged sukhasana, kneeling, siddhasana, and burmese position.
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