Walden is a New York based company that creates products for meditation, ritual, and the present moment.


In the American imagination, Walden is the quintessential place of refuge – a spot for quiet self-reflection and clarity. We believe everyone needs a space of their own to reflect, be present, and find comfort. Walden was created to provide thoughtfully designed products to help make that space.

About Walden

Walden was founded in 2018 by Eddie Cohen and Calvin Lien after a Vipassana retreat. We felt that the current products on the market didn't match the importance of the practice and the ritual in our lives. We set out to create a company that would create exceptional products for meditation and spread the message.

Walden Studio

We design and develop everything in house in our design studio in Brooklyn, NY.

Email: hello@walden.us

Phone: ‪(917) 275-7652‬

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Selected Press

Underneath this Mat, could be anything: air, the ocean, Earth.

The perfect cushion... comfortable, aligned, and supported.

Bolster a newfound interest in meditation or improve a seasoned pro’s setup.

A comfortable place to relax so you can dive into your meditation sessions while continuing on your self-care practice.

A supportive seat

The Best for Improved Moments of Calm

Bath oil is cool, but nothing will reduce mom's raging stress levels like meditation.

It also has a layer of gel-infused memory foam on top for added comfort.

Your spine will thank you with this buckwheat-filled poof. The pillow is body adaptive and the gel-infused memory foam will add extra support to any of your yoga sessions. And with the moisture resistant antimicrobial shell, cleaning it just got a whole lot easier.