Tools for the Mind


A dedicated space to sit

Having a dedicated space for meditation is important for ritual and focus. Our seating collection ranges from small to large and raw to comfort.


Settle Down

A set designed for lying down meditations, sound baths, breathwork and relaxation.


A Contemporary Meditation Bench

Formed from solid White Ash, the wide seat creates a comfortable base and the subtle angle tilts your hips forward enough for a very comfortable seat.


A Natural Aroma Diffuser

Lava rocks are formed when magma rapidly cools and forces internal gasses to quickly escape. They leave behind a complex structure of cavities that act as a great diffusion surface.


Heavyweight Home Robe

A weighted robe designed for home use and seated meditation. The design features a paneled opening on each side making it comfortable to wear while sitting and meditating as well a hood to provide darkness when desired.


A Place for Palo Santo

Mesa provides a resting place for the wood, elevating it above the surface allowing the scent to spread freely while the tray below catches the falling ash.


Build a Meditation Room

Develop a meditation & wellness room for your hotel, studio, office, or shop. We will work with you to design a bespoke experience – from product to content.

Order Summary

Meditation Set - Medium Mat