Meditation Incense Sticks

Meditation Incense Sticks

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Made to inspire ritual—This pure sandalwood incense fills the space with a strong, naturally uplifting aroma that creates a calm and meditative ambiance. Sustainably sourced from Western Australia, it's made from ground wood and a natural binder with no synthetic chemicals or perfumes added. 
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Aromatic Notes

A sweet and fragrant scent which is clear and intoxicating. Sandalwood is perfect for enlivening a space whilst promoting an uplifting sense of calm.

Pure wood with no added perfume or fragrance. Each burns with a heavy, yet delicately scented smoke trail.

Sourcing Notes

Our Sandalwood comes from plantations in the semi-arid grassland region of Western Australia. Sustainability regulations and a dedication to development of the industry ensures an exceptionally high quality raw product.


Incense Sticks: .0625" diameter x 7" long