Designed with premium materials and filled with natural buckwheat, the walden meditation seating collection is designed to last and made in New York City.

Cushion + Mat Set

Blending the age old technique of using buckwheat, the Walden Cushion combines this with a technical exterior material that is anti microbial and water resistant.

Mat Size

Just the Cushion

The most comfortable cushion for any meditation practice. Both our Original and Travel cushions help create the ideal posture for meditation by bolstering your hips forward to create a naturally balanced curve in your spine. This keeps your body relaxed and alert while preventing any distractions due to discomfort.

Walden Original Cushion


Walden Travel Cushion


Just the Mat

The complementary mat to provide comfort to your knees and ankles.

Walden Large Mat


Walden Original Mat

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Meditation Set - Medium Mat