Improve your Meditation Practice

Improve your Meditation Practice

A meditation seat for life.

Original Meditation Cushion

A modern interpretation of a classic tool, ideal for all meditators.

Meditation Bench

Made for kneeling posture, the best option for those uncomfortable with sitting 

Journey Kit

Designed for lying meditation, sound, breathe, and psychedelic experiences.

"Yesterday, my body effortlessly felt normal, comfortable, and ready. Now, with the cushion, I'll meditate more. Little things change lives."


Made to improve your meditation practice

Improved Posture

Naturally supports spine, relieves pain, enhances deep breathing.

Create a Sacred Space

Get off your bed or couch an build your sanctuary.

Designed for Comfort

Premium materials for unparalleled support, relaxation, and focus.

Commitment to the Practice

Meditation requires daily dedication. Invest in meditation seating for greater commitment.

Trusted by many

Over 10,000 happy customers.
We have put design and quality first since the day we started.

A perfect cushion. This is a wonderful design. I love this cushion. Great job Walden team
I am using my meditation cushion and mat daily, absolutely love the product. It is very well made, extremely comfortable, and looks very high-end.
Amazing quality and honestly such an investment.
Lovely and good quality. I'm surprised how much I like it. I realize that is silly considering the cost. The stool is beautiful quality. Very sturdy and nicely built. Smooth and nice finish. It is very comfortably. It rocks a bit on the mat in a nice way
The fabric, the comfort… just perfect and most comfy for my daily practice. 
Use it every single day, and truly wouldn't change a thing. If you plan to start a regular meditation practice, it's worth the splurge to get the habit feeling good.
This cushion is the perfect height and comfort. The material is high quality. I’m super happy!
Great Quality - I love my item and i will purchase again
Sturdy. Definitely shows luxury quality. Worth the money and share shared to friends.
I use this to meditate in parks and backyard. Stays clean and never is too heavy or awkward to carry.
A centering presence in your home. It’s not about “having the best meditation cushion”. It’s about creating an environment that calls you back to your practice day to day. And in that respect, Walden delivers. Recommend hands down. And it’s a statement piece for the minimalist - starts plenty of conversation :)
Best meditation cushion on the market. High quality and very comfortable

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Organic Buckwheat fill

Each cushion filled with 8 lbs. organic buckwheat hulls from upstate New York.

Memory foam for added comfort

Gel-infused memory foam provides a cloud like sensation.

Premium Upholstery Fabric

Durable upholstery fabric for floor living and easy cleaning.

Foam Mat for Knee and Ankle comfort

Plush foam for maximum comfort, two sizes available.

How to sit on a meditation cushion

Made for Seiza Posture

The best option for a kneeling posture, ideal for those with discomfort with cross-legged sitting.

Floor Mat + Magnetic Cushion

Magnetic top cushion, and plush foam interior for comfort.

Solid wood

Made in both waxed White Oak and Black Stained Ash.

15° seat tilt for better posture

Promotes natural lower back curve and spine stability for comfortable, alert meditation.

How to sit on a meditation bench

Perfect for sound & psychedelic experiences

Delve into sensory deprivation and unlock boundless realms of experience.

Foldable Futon

Folds in half for easy storage and transport.

Buckwheat Head Pillow + Aromatic Eye Cover

Eye mask filled with flaxseed and a hint of lavender for aromatherapy benefits.

Thick foam for added comfort and longer sessions

Plush foam-filled mat offers full-body comfort. Made with a technical soft fabric.

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